Table of Contents

Low Hanging Fruit in Movies
Low Hanging Fruit in Music

Media Favorites:
Clarke and Dawe – The Front Fell Off
Mais El-Reem: The Awesome Musical That You’ve Never Seen
What happens you Listen to Susumu Hirasawa in Nature?
Millenium Actress: Pursuit is Happiness
The War On Drugs – Thinking Of A Place

Low Cost Product Recommendations
So You Want to Buy an Android Phone
Paul Graham, The Acceleration of Addictiveness

Nobility Defined
Dialogues on Ethical Vegeterianism

Avoid News
Avoid Politics

Internet Tools:
Firefox Extensions I Use
Download Youtube Videos

Slate Star Codex
Paul Graham
Bryan Caplan on Econlog
Fake Nous
Kottke (About)

Websites I Recommend:
LessWrong. Also: (1) (2)
Rationality: From AI to Zombies
Nicky Case
Hacker News Daily
Grognor (RIP)

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